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This is a temple of Taoism worshipping the god of Taoism, Kikoku-shi, located in the mountain of Shinpudistanced 70 km away south of Taipei.Instead of placing the roof on top of a box, we putonly this organic-shaped roof directly on the ground.


By giving warpage to the edge of the roof that is pulled up from the ground, we achieved this unique shape that enabled people to enter from the side of the hipped roof, rather than the entrances for the garble or flat roofed houses.


There are no pillars and beams, neither a framing for the roof. It is a wooden dome structure where rigidity is secured simply from the joist and the roofing board. We used laminated plywood of 500mm-thick for the joists to be arranged in the pitch by 500mm. Thus we were able to realize a certain kind of rhythm in the structure, close to tokyo – the protrusion entablature that used to support wooden buildings in many Asian countries.

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