Tank Tenerife Garden

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In 1997, a former oil tank from the 1950s was preserved on site after the CEPSA refinery was dismantled to make way for new residential developments. Its reuse as a cultural space - El Tanque Cultural Space - enabled keeping its essence and original aspect of a container, and a sensible solution for accessing it was implemented in order to create a timeless architecture.

Recycled materials from the dismantled refinery were used to build the new elements. A ramp-shaped facility accommodates the reception space, entrance hall, information desk and toilets. The entrance is located 4 m below the level of the interior ground floor and is marked by a 5 m wide swinging door made out of recycled unpolished steel. The gentle ramp along with the high ceiling and the sidewalls compose a space with a marked perspective, which provides great visual depth to the access path. A former ferry footbridge retrieved from the port was added to provide access from the street.


El Tanque Garden

The Cultural Space El Tanque has grown into an iconic cultural venue and, thanks to its architectural qualities as well as to its relevance in the city's history, since 2010 it is listed as a National Cultural Heritage asset. The setting though needs to be redesigned and we understand this as the perfect opportunity to make a contribution to a neighborhood that currently has poorly planned public green areas.


The entire perimeter of the facility will be surrounded by a banana tree plantation, in reference to the historical agricultural landscape that existed there prior to the construction of the CEPSA refinery, back in the 1930's. In this way, it will seem as if nature has invaded the industrial ruins and overtaken this former oil tank. In addition, responding to the current needs of the Cultural Space's managers and users, a storage area, toilets, changing and technical rooms as well as a cafeteria with a terrace have been added.


Inside the perimeter of the original wall of the tank, cypress trees will be planted, evergreen conifers that will grow up to 20 m tall and 60 cm wide. Since they are fast growing trees, these cypresses will make this new green environment enjoyable early on. The pathways of the garden will be paved with local volcanic stones while the added facilities will be made of rough finish concrete. For watering the garden, recycled water will be used and systems for sustainable irrigation will install.

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