I LIKE DESIGN STUDIO en tant que Architectes.

When family members grow, the surroundings changes afterwards. As well as members of this house, they decided to demolish 2 out of 3 old houses and built a new bigger house instead. The original 1-storey house was replaced by a new 3-storey house with 790 square meters of usable area, designed to accommodate approximately 12 people with various ages on a land size of 100 square wah.

With limitation space, the building is designed to fit the land area and the internal space must be designed both of horizontally and vertically circulation to save space as possible to support function for all family members. The main circulation was placed in the middle of the building to distribute access to various areas as efficiently as possible. 1st Floor car park area designed for 6 cars. There were maid’s room and laundry room at the back of the house. Right wing of the house is living and dining room with opening windows for wind blows from the south toward north and to be able to take the garden view. 
On the second floor there was a common room with high ceiling, where anyone can lounge and having family party. This second privacy living room was designed to access to 4 bedrooms. The Third floor is the top floor, there were 2 master bedrooms on the left and right wing. There were also small bedroom and Buddha room in the middle of this floor that can be connected to living room on the second floor.


Design Team : Narucha Kuwattanapasiri , Siriprapa Prasompan
Interior Architect : Pattanan Wattanakitphanit
Structural Engineer : Kor-It Structural Design and Construction Co.,Ltd
System Engineer : Kor-It Structural Design and Construction Co.,Ltd
Photographs : Soopakorn Srisakul


Material Used :
1. Materialistic Co., Ltd - Aluminium and windows
2. Materialistic Co., Ltd - Cement Board 
3. NS Blue Scope Lysaght (Thailand) Co., Ltd - Roof 

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