Suzlon One Earth

Suzlon One Earth

Pune, India
Année du projet
Sunil Rikhaye

Suzlon One Earth

U.S. Green Building Council en tant que Chercheurs.

Suzlon One Earth has catapulted India on the global green map as a project that has set various precedents in terms of energy efficiency, water recycling and harvesting, and waste management systems for developing countries.

Suzlon Energy Limited pledged to create the greenest office in India. The building is three levels high and is sited on 10.5 acres. It achieved LEED for New Construction Platinum certification from the India Green Building Council, as well as Five-Star GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) certification. 5% (154 kilowatts) of its annual energy is generated on-site through conventional and building-integrated photovoltaic panels (20%) and wind turbines (80%). All balance energy required for the campus is generated through Suzlon’s off-site wind turbines, making One Earth technically a zero energy project.

Drawing clues from vernacular architecture while respecting nature and culture, the design provides 90% of the work stations with daylight and external views, allowing inhabitants to enjoy seasons and weather conditions, and to connect with the time of the day. Aluminum louvers act as a protective skin, allowing daylight and cross-ventilation. Energy is saved by employing LED lighting systems and solar water heating. 100% of sewage grey water is recycled into flushing, landscaping and air cooling systems, while 100% of rainwater is harvested. Glass exhaust chimneys with tropical plants act as visual connectors between all floors and allow aeration of the basement parking area. The focus of the complex is a central courtyard that features a forty-meter traditional oblix reaching out to the sky from the basement and a waterfall facing a crescent cafeteria. This central garden plaza encourages communication, informal interaction and team gathering amongst Suzlon’s more than 1,500 colleagues and provides a visual presentation for occupants and visitors. This corporate campus is a counterblast to prevailing glass-box architecture occurring across India and is a game changer in terms of how corporate campuses have been designed to-date in India.

Site context

The project site was selected for the advantages of an already-developed area. It is flanked by offices of other corporations and a high-density residential area. Given its location, the building has accessibility to urban infrastructure and facilities, public transport, and established infrastructure for power and water supply.

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