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DAISY JACOBS en tant que Architectes.

The Studio is located on an open field in the forests of the state of Vermont (USA). On its back side it is protected by a group of pine trees. The north facing view, across the diagonal of its square plan, looks over the green hilly landscape below. The concept of the Studio picks up and enforces the transition from the protective pine trees towards the wide opening into the landscape. The spatial experience creates a continuous balancing act between the perceptions of being lost in nature and being protected by a defined architectural framework.

The two entrance doors on the southern corner let every visitor decide for himself how the space should be entered. Behind it, two doors lead to the mudroom with a shower and two long corridors to the main space. The sliding doors can be moved to different positions depending on the weather and needs of the occupant. The built-in sideboards act as daybeds, worktables and storage space. From either sideboard a table and stool can be removed and placed freely in the space. The main space also has access to a bathroom and prep kitchen.

The Studio replaces a wooden cabin that was not heated or insulated. In keeping with the regulations, the ground surface and volume of the Studio are not bigger than the original cabin. The owner asked for a building that picks up on the special qualities of the site and that the new building is designed as a reclusive place. It will be used by writers and artists as part of a scholarship.

The simple materiality and its little processing reflect the basic and handmade quality of the space. The door handles and their simple lock were made by a blacksmith, the interior cladding and the built-in furniture were made out of rough sawn timber, the floor was poured as part of the foundation and the exterior facade was clad in weather-proof burnt Accoya. The Studio is a simple timber frame construction with the roof built out of engineered timber joists. That way the traditional building techniques could be used for this contemporary building.

The original cabin, that was replaced by the Studio, has been moved to a swimming pond on the property and is now being used as a bath house.

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ÉlémentMarqueProduct name
FCM SkylightsVELUX Commercial
LTS30 & FTS30Panda Windows and Doors
Charred Accoya FassadereSAWN TIMBER co.
Engineered timber Trust Joists and Rim BoardsWeyerhaeuser
Fiche technique du produit
FCM Skylights
LTS30 & FTS30
Charred Accoya Fassade
Engineered timber Trust Joists and Rim Boards
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