State House - Kerala

State House - Kerala

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State House of Kerala

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What is a State House?

A State House is a special building of state government of any state in India. It acts as an embassy of the state in the capital city. 


A State House bridges the bureaucritic communication between the STATE and CENTRAL Government.


1) Special and VVIP personalities -

Hon'ble Prime Minister 

Hon'ble President of India or other country

Hon'ble Chief Minister

Hon'ble Governor

Foreign Delegates

2)VIPs from the state government

Resident commissioner, Ad' Resident commissioner 

Allied Officers 

MLAs, MPs 

3) Journalists

4) General Visitors 

Design Concept-

Courtyard planning which is borrowed from traditional Kerala homes reflect in the design. The state house has 4 courtyards on the ground floor.

In the section b-b, the zarokha  in the centerpart at VIP’s bridge is inspired from the Kowdiar Palace in Kerala, it has exposed concrete fins.

 Climate Responsive Approach-

Delhi’s weather being very harsh, all external windows have limited apertures to limit direct sunlight. Thus 10 lightwells are introduced for indirect lighting

Though the Governor office has a zarokha which is exposed from the SOUTH SIDE, will tend to experience harsh sunlight, thus 200mm thk concrete fins have proposed on the 4th floor which will act as shading device.

Ref. Details  center pivot window- proposed to facilitate wind flow at body level. Top awning ventilator which has a pivot in center proposed for hot air exaust and additional illumination.

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