St Andrew’s Hospital

St Andrew’s Hospital

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David Sievers

St Andrew’s Hospital, Eastern Clinical Development

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The Eastern Clinical Development (ECD) expands and augments existing Hospital services with additional operating theatres, in-patient wards and basement carparking.


The project’s mission was to provide first class facilities and service delivery while addressing tension between the ‘clinical’ aspects of healthcare delivery and ‘human dimension’ of the patient experience.


The building’s siting behind the state heritage listed Waverley House, required an interface strategy that integrated the precinct’s character, yet provided a clinical Hospital environment.


Our philosophy was that ‘Distant Views are Healing’ - with opportunistic and incidental views programmed into the design to allow sightlines into adjacent parklands and roof lines beyond.


Whilst strictly a clinical building with rigorous technical requirements, the building’s design results in benefit to the adjoining residential community and Hospital’s own staff/patients.


The building’s form and material palette, consciously integrate elements of the surrounding architecture. Natural light spilling from the roof light over the internal stair together with views to the surrounding landscape, offer relief to the daily challenges of the healthcare workplace.


The project has been designed to integrate with the fine grained, predominately low scale residential character of the precinct, while enhancing the form and detailing of the historic Waverley House. The building exterior utilizes high quality materials, with a modulated and articulated facade.


The Hospital’s brief identified functional arrangements with the new Day Surgery connected to the existing hospital via glazed walkways to the existing Level 1 theatres, providing an integrated clinical work zone.


All servicing of theatre’s engineering systems can be undertaken from the above service-floor. This eliminates the need for maintenance to enter sterile areas.


In addition to the technical requirements of the construction of the basement levels, the collaborative efforts and commitment of all parties involved were exemplary. Specifically, the integration and installation of the $5.0m+ biomedical equipment, including ceiling hung gantries.


The project’s strict clinical and operational requirements, were tested in a continuous value management and collaborative format within the construction management framework. The design team and Contractor had an open dialogue with effective and strategic decisions throughout construction.


The design responds to Adelaide’s climate with sustainable features including ventilated terracotta facades, displacement air conditioning to the wards and a “Tri generation” central thermal plant.


The interior has a welcoming human scale, patient areas are light-filled with views into the adjacent landscape. Materials, finishes and form balance with clinical/infection control requirements to create a tactile, calming environment for occupants.


Patients are encouraged to walk to the procedural zones via a light filled, double height corridor. Patient social support networks are a key driver of health outcomes, where clever planning enabled carers to drop-off and pickup patients from the same location. Bedrooms incorporate day beds and an external courtyard facilitates continued contact between patients and carers.


The building balance between the highly serviced, technical nature of the facilities and the creation of a comfortable environment for staff, patients and carers has been achieved through skillful detailing, maximized views and uncluttered, commodious spatial arrangements.

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