Sports pavilion  La Llana

Sports pavilion La Llana

Franc Fernandez Arquitectura

Jordi Sancho
Rubí, Spain | View Map
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Jordi Bernadó , Andrés Flajszer

Sports pavilion La Llana

Franc Fernandez Arquitectura en tant que Architectes.

The location of the pavilion is a space in transition. That is why the first aim of the project is to create a nice place where physical and visual connection between the interior and exterior of the complex is very controlled. To achieve this, there is a wooded park around giving environmental quality in the areas of activity and soften the transition space.

The building is designed as a rectangular prism of 64.90 m x 58.21 m x 12,20 m within this wooded park, bordered by a double skin of polycarbonate, which generates a good control of the interior light and makes the building volume seen it as a bright overnight, becoming a singular pavilion compared to the factory buildings that surround it.

On the ground floor are located the sports court, locker rooms of athletes and referees, the nurses, the cleaning module and warehouses . On the first floor, It lies the main entrance, the administration, a multipurpose room, public services , bar and bleachers for spectators parties. Finally, on the second floor, they are placed fourth technical rooms.

It corresponds to a sports pavilion PAV3 types, with generous width sizes and length allow the inclusion of a hockey rink. It measures 62 meters long runway to 35 meters wide. The capacity of the stands is 629 seated spectators. It has a bar, multipurpose room , six dressing rooms, services by users , warehouses and technical room . Inside the space defined by the hockey rink raised three basketball courts divided with curtains that can be used simultaneously. One Handball field, one soccer field, 1 volleyball, 1 basketball competition and two badminton.

As a result, the building is designed like a box with a set of colors and reflections to make the role of the boldest green. The composition of the facade is based on two horizontal strips that allow reading of the relationship building with its surroundings. The polycarbonate panels which form the front not touch the ground, creating a transparent and translucent strip on the lower floor, so they can make vision penetrates inside the park and provide a very fluid relationship with the immediate environment. The top range translates to the outside areas of public activity. The double skin of polycarbonate, which allows ventilation and climate, controls inside. It let you see part of the structure of the building and at night and the days that are party acts, it becomes a lantern or beacon as well.

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