Sports Hall Barakaldo

Sports Hall Barakaldo

Garmendia Cordero Arquitectos
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Sports Hall Barakaldo

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The customer had to cover a game space within a school environment characterized by the existence of a terraced site, with important drops and large playgrounds situated on different heights.

The Salesian School, one of the most modern religious communities in Spain and very recognized for their way of education, made a great effort to build this project, they couldn’t make a “closed” sports hall so they came to the Architects to get a economical solution for that. After talking about what to do, designers and customers decided to create a “hat” like this to give the children a place to play by covering them from the usual rain of Basque Country.

Given this context, the architects decided to make that covering by creating an iconic, powerful and straight volume, which would make it attractive from every point of view and, at the same time, it would become a new reference for the centre.

The necessity of creating an element which, without losing intensity, could let the natural light get into that space led the architects to study the use of perforated steel slats as a vertical enclosure.

Big prefabricated concrete pillars along with laminated wood beams cover the 35 metres of light needed to shelter the sports courts; lastly, this structure is covered by a metal skin that looks solid and powerful from the outside but almost invisible from the inside.

This metal skin is made by using 3 kinds of perforated, blue-coloured slats (V, A and L) recalling the elements of a bar code, where a thin line, a thick line and a wide space interspersed all along the façade create a non-rhythmic alternation, and translate this way the school name on its southern and main elevation.

This same language is also used to compose another structural element – the porch that shelters the goal holds a conversation with the blue façade, but it hides itself so as not to compete with it, since its dark colour allows it to go almost unnoticed within the powerful whole.

The angles formed by the perforated slats make this composition which breaks the monotony of the volume; they also cast their own shadows which are different in every encounter as well as filtering natural light in order to create a cosy indoor space to play providing a plus to the mere need of sheltering a space where until then when it rained, it poured.

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