Sports accommodation SportQube

Sports accommodation SportQube

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Rosa de Limastraat 23, 6543 JG Nijmegen, Netherlands | View Map
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Recognizable, inviting and powerful. SportQube shows itself as a a sporty and societal addition. It did not only have to become a state-of-the-art sports accommodation, where top sports and recreational sports can be optimally practiced, but also has to be a natural place of knowledge, research and innovation. The design of the building has succeeded in this. The transparent design and the central heart play an important role. The large windows allow visitors inside and passers-by to see the athletes busy in the halls and vice versa.


SportQube is a high-quality and energy-neutral top sports accommodation that brings together talents from different sports. With the aim of getting further in sport and getting better at developing talent. In addition to various sports providers, there are organizations of education, science, medical care and social counseling. To achieve this goal, the top sports accommodation has a striking open structure. By having a view of each other and the different sports everywhere, new connections and innovative ideas are created. The different disciplines interact with each other.


The various halls are accessed from the central heart (and access to the building). There is a view of all sports that can be practiced. The heart also functions as a meeting place for users and visitors. It is open, spacious and light with a loft. Here the athletes, their parents and trainers meet and get into easy conversation. Natural materials give the interior a warm and homely atmosphere. The compactness, transparency and short running lines make the building clear. A pleasant experience with optimal visual comfort for athletes and visitors. A home for athletes where they can grow to the highest podium.


Due to its location on one of the western access roads, SportQube means much more to the city than just an innovative talent development center. SportQube is a new icon for Nijmegen as a recognizable (sporty) gateway. The smart positioning of all large building elements enhances the image-defining character. The main shape is clear. Each cube seeks connection with the immediate environment, such as the adjacent terraced houses or apartment buildings. The stepped construction of the crowd is reminiscent of the steps of a stage. The expressive building has a glass plinth and is located on a slope covered with grass. Above that the gold volumes "float". The accommodation reflects the highest attainable for the athlete: they aim for the highest step on the podium and thus for gold.

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