Sportiva Sky Homes

Sportiva Sky Homes

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Fernando Alda

Sky Homes

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The quality of space is designed to improve the quality of life of its users. Sportiva is a residential project which has amenities and apartments that encourage the health and well-being of its inhabitants, such as an indoor and outdoor gym, swimming pool for training, yoga and pilates deck, massage room, dry and wet sauna, garden Zen etc. The project intends to comply with a design that considers sustainable solutions. One of the most important factors of this theme is the orientation of the building, coupling the facades to achieve natural ventilation and thermal comfort without the need to include mechanisms that consume electrical energy. The use of concrete as a structural and aesthetic solution of the project, helps generate climatic comfort due to the insulating properties of the material. This makes the transmission of heat inside and outside the building decrease substantially thanks to the ability of this material as a resistance of heat flow. Being a building with concrete structure, has a high value of thermal mass which allows to maintain the rooms with a cool temperature in the day and pleasant at night. Living well requires a balance between taking care of yourself and surrounding yourself with people who complement you. We have designed a space that promotes the habits that will facilitate a life of well-being.

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