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Split Level

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communicate - understand the complexity of a split level design

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The architects envisioned a split level design, which they had difficulties explaining to their clients. After a short introduction the architects clients started to explore the house and quickly understood the potential of the split level design. This was something we and the architects expected. However it turned out that it also helped them to understand other things that where part of long discussions between the architects and their clients.

Before they had asked the architect to add more glass at the different parts of the house, but now when going through their house they understood that in some areas big glass facades would add to the design but in other parts e.g. the children’s room too much glass was inappropriate.

The big glass facades and the handrails where modelled as simple volumes. The shaders developed with this project added the extra detail to make the virtual experience convincing. The cube map used to render the view and the reflection is based on a panorama provided by the architects. We where able to create the virtual experience from the 3d model of the client within 4 hours.

Geometry: 29.932 Vertices, 16.403 Faces Texture: 4.1 MB Shaders: planUnd toonShader, planUnd toonRoughShader, planUnd toonTransparentShader planUnd toonTreeShader, planUnd toonShadowShader, planUnd toonRailingShader, planUnd toonTransparentGridShader Environment: Cube Mapping Model: Rhino3d, provided by the client Client: doppelplusgut, doppelplusgut.at Year: 2015

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