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Client Brief and Expectations: To design the Mumbai office for Spencer Stuart, an American global executive search and leadership consulting firm, reflective of their ethos & culture with its own Indian identity. 

Challenges: Ensuring an acoustically sound office that has a lot of external glazing & gaps along the periphery. 

Concept and Design Approach:

Solution – 
Being a leadership management & consulting firm the brief received from the client was very specific regarding maintaining the privacy of the visitors. Keeping this in mind the reception areas was not planned with a large waiting space. To bring in an Indian element to the space, one of the walls in the reception has a “jaali” / screen that has been laser cut & installed over a background of vibrant colours as seen in textiles of Indian origin. The backdrop of the reception desk is a local Indian marble.

The colours fabrics in upholstery & wall panels across the facility are all very warm & vibrant. The office has fewer workstations as compared to the cabins. The same have been planned centrally to ensure smooth flow of the work space. 

The individual cabins for the managers holds their personal work desk along with personal storage & small meeting table to interact with visitors. The cabins along the glazing side are specially treated to ensure that there is no sound leakage.

The meeting & conference rooms are again all acoustically sealed & well equipped with video conferencing equipment. 

The pantry has a beautiful wall graphic, inspired by typography symbols. The back splash has a mosaic made of off-white glass. The dining furniture is in a rich walnut wood again bringing in warmth into the space.

The space has been planned keeping little details in mind. There are special umbrella & rain coat stands provided for the employees since the city faces heavy rainfall during monsoons. Ample storage has been planned in the service passage to keep necessary files for records.

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