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Spazio Te

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Spazio Te

Luceplan en tant que Fabricants.

In the prestigious library of Spazio Te, the multifunctional facility that welcomes visitors to the museum of Palazzo Te in Mantua, Costanzina lamps bring an elegant glow to the reading tables. A timeless contemporary design icon, Costanzina spreads the inimitable light that makes it perfect for any type of setting. Synonymous with simplicity and functionality, the lamp can be outfitted with a pin for attachment to the tables, a particularly effective solution for public spaces where greater solidity is demanded of furnishings.

Art, history and culture with Pedrali furniture

PEDRALI en tant que Furniture.

The Babila collection selected for Spazio Te in Mantua

Spazio Te, a popular meeting spot overlooking the Giardino dell'Esedra, is set against the magnificent backdrop of the Palazzo Te, one of Mantua's most renowned and visited cultural sites. Highly multifunctional, Spazio Te hosts a variety of activities: a library dedicated to the arts and creativity, a bar open round the clock and an area which houses musical and theatrical events open to the public.
In this city, once of the Gonzagas, visitors can study, meet friends, relax, sip an aperitif while enjoying the Giardino dell'Esedra atmosphere at dusk, or simply contemplate the beauty of the palace.

Through Spazio Te, the museum is entwined into the citizens everyday life, becoming part and parcel of an open relationship with the city that generates the exchange of ideas and the inspiration for new projects. The enchanting beauty of the Giardino dell'Esedra, overlooked by Spazio Te, is due to be returned to the city by the Palazzo Te Foundation, acting in accord with the Mantua City Council, with the aim of providing citizens with an attractive and well-equipped urban square.

While Spazio Te is a multifunctional, state-of-the-art facility, it fully respects the historical significance of the context in which it is set. Art, history and culture blend with design, creating a simple, minimal and contemporary style, with which the essential yet striking lines of Pedrali's Babila Collection of chain and barstools harmonise beautifully.

The Babila Collection, designed by Odo Fioravanti, is able to move along tradition and innovation with great agility. The strenght of this collection is its simplicity and directness, to recall a timeless shape. The technopolymer shell and the steel rod sled legs of the chairs give a modem day touch, while the ash wood of the barstools bestows a sense of warmth to the whole environment.

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