Spaceship Heart

Spaceship Heart

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Mónica De De Pascalis

Building a place people truly loves

Collective Paper Aesthetics en tant que Association.

The work Spaceship Heart is examining the question how can we make together a place people truly loves? The work designed for Hong Kong & Shenzhen by -city biennale 2011 (curator: Terence Riley) and re constructed For the occasion of IX Semana de la Arquitectura.

● Spaceship HEART is a public playground made from individual Kid’s stool ● 100% Cardboard ● Assemble and disassemble using hands only .

The work was presented within CentroCentro, Madrid for Semana de la Arquitectura 2012. The work realized thanks to the Dutch Embassy in Madrid, COAM, CentroCentro and Universidad Europea de Madrid.

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