SouthTown: James-John South District Improvement Study

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SouthTown is a unique district nestled below the Niagara Escarpment near downtown Hamilton. It encompasses the prominent streets of James and John South and includes major attractions such as St. Joseph's Hospital, the Hunter Street GO Station, the Augusta entertainment area, and the historic James South Terraces. The vision for SouthTown recommends several actions to guide improvement in the district. To name a few, the City of Hamilton can help improve the physical condition of streets and sidewalks by investing in urban design that maximizes the use of the more popular corridors. This includes a redesign of the sidewalk in front of the historic James South Terraces, the introduction of public art at key gateways, and the transformation of Augusta Street into Hamilton's first Woonerf, or pedestrian prominent street, that would become the social centre point for the district. Development of mixed use office, residential and street-front commercial/retail should also be encouraged in the prime building sites. Overall, the SouthTown concept builds on the inherent strengths of the district, including historical character, central location, and existing major nodes, while carving out a distinct identity separate from, but complementary to, the adjacent central business district. In doing so, SouthTown will become an even greater destination for living, working, shopping, and entertainment at the centre of a resurgent Hamilton.

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