South Melbourne House

South Melbourne House

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South Melbourne House - Terrace Transformation

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Formerly a maelstrom of angles, Honto Architecture has injected order into its original structure, which had previously lacked parallel. The residence possesses a zany zeal, as if fitted to the block in a frenetic fervour. Simultaneously presenting a distinct Victorian verve and a grand challenge, arranging the standing spaces into coherence seemed no easy feat. Encompassing the embodied turbulence, Honto Architecture has transformed the terrace home into a lively expression, celebrating the history of its babbling walls.


Experimenting with materiality and tactility, the interior of the terrace is dressed in a measured juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary details. Styled by Ruth Welsby, the dwelling is elevated by evocative elements and ceramic adornments. The formal dining’s ornately carved fireplace is preserved, topped by an organically shaped mirror – its bends and curves complement those seen in the fireplace and the home’s decorative arches. Reminiscent of period gauzy textiles, a crepe chiffon curtain grazes the polished dining room floorboards. The master bedroom enjoys a mirrored dressing room hallway and extravagant, custom bedhead joinery. Warm filament globes and rounded tinted mirrors conjure a vintage ambiance in the abode’s bathrooms while sleek tiles and benchtops instil a clean sense of order.

Via The Local Project 

Photography - Jack Lovel 

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