Somium Head Office

Somium Head Office

Monica Armani
Guardamar del Segura, Alicante, Spain | View Map
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Fiche technique du produit

ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
Interior furnitureB&B Italia
Outdoor furniture Tribù
Tosca, Regista easy chair
Bathroom furniture Ceramica Flaminia
Interior FurnitureFritz Hansen
Swan easy chair, Table series circular
Interior Furniture and office chairVitra.
AM Chair, Eames aluminum group

Fiche technique du produit
Interior furniture
Outdoor furniture
Tosca, Regista easy chair by Tribù
Bathroom furniture
Interior Furniture
Swan easy chair, Table series circular by Fritz Hansen
Interior Furniture and office chair
AM Chair, Eames aluminum group by Vitra.


Monica Armani en tant que Architectes.

SOMIUM is a brand of Grupo Marjal of Guardamar del Segura (Alicante, Spain).


All the activities of Grupo Marjal are housed in a five-storey building with a common entrance on the ground floor. Monica Armani studio renovated the headquarter for this client to create a place for creativity and hospitality, a showroom for premium customers and a workplace for about twenty collaborators.


The connection with the SOMIUM space is via a custom circular glass staircase, designed by Monica Armani. The reception area is located at the arrival of the glass staircase.


In this large space of 900 square meters, elegant and multifunctional dedicated to hospitality, the sale of luxury villas, to work and creativity, the SILENZIO and DIADE lamps for Luceplan find their perfect use thanks to the acoustic absorption, characteristic of the two products. Nowadays the control of the acoustic reverberation is an unmissable performance for every interior design project.


On the other side of the staircase is located the lounge for premium customers hospitality with a dedicated area for project’s presentation and sales of luxury villas.

The Monica Armani studio has devised a new approach for the presentation of a project to the premium client, not only virtual with drawings and renderings but at the same time conceived the "Material Show" created with the Modula vertical automated warehouse, dressed to be the protagonist of this sophisticated place.


The space houses a traditional work area with large custom tables and DIADE lamps that create intimacy and sound absorption, a brain storming area for the creative part of the team and some meeting rooms with glass partitions with heavy curtains for sound absorption.


In addition, a multifunctional theater area has been designed with a large screen that can be rotated according to the number of people attending the meetings.

The studio designed all the furnishings, partitions and used Monica Armani design products such as the Diade and Silenzio lamps for Luceplan and the Tosca outdoor collection for Tribù.

Materials Used:

1. Tribù – outdoor furniture – Tosca collection

2. Tribù – outdoor furniture – Regista easy chair

3. Luceplan – Interior lighting & noise absorbing system – Diade lamp

4. Luceplan – Interior lighting & noise absorbing system – Silenzio lamp

5. Fritz Hansen – Interior furniture – Swan easy chair

6. Fritz Hansen – Interior furniture – Table Series circular

7. B&B Italia – Interior furniture – Saké sofa

8. Vitra – office chair – AM Chair

9. Vitra – Interior furniture – Eames aluminum group

10 .Vertisol – Flooring – Fitnice

11. Monica Armani custom design furniture

12. Modula – Automated warehouse – Modula Lift

13. Flaminia – Bathroom furniture – Bonola collection

14. CEA Design – taps – GIOTTO collection


Luceplan en tant que Lighting.

Opened in June 2019, the new interior design of the Somium headquarters in Alicante, created down to the smallest details by Monica Armani, reflects the designer’s main areas of research: “I have envisioned the SOMIUM space as an elegant multifunctional location marked by a high level of acoustic comfort. I have worked with panels, drapes and the sound-absorbing suspension lamps Silenzio and Diade, which I designed for Luceplan, elements ‘in the air’ that bring vivid character to the interior design.”

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