Solo Crudo
Fabrizio Sansoni

Solo Crudo

Studio GAMP en tant que Architectes.

Solo Crudois a place for those who want to take care of themselves with raw food, an experience that proves a proper awareness in maintaining the beneficial and nutritional properties of the ingredients.

The restaurant, located in the business district of Milan, is an aesthetic interpretation of this philosophy, focusing on the processing of a harmonious architectural space.

With four wide glass windows open itself on a brand new part of the city and the BNP Diamond Tower, establishing with it a dialogue of reflections and visual interactions.

The color palette used inside starts from the green, expressing the “gentle cooking” attitude of the restaurant, and variates in the different hues of the furnishing and the colored paint strip on the wall that recall the classical boiserie. The ambient is enriched, enhancing the rawness nature, by the unpolished laminated surfaces of the filtering-wall between the kitchen and the lunchroom, by the weathering cor-ten steel coating of the accesses and the counter bench front panel, and by the color of the walls, a clear reference to the materiality of the concrete.

The lunch room is divided in three settings, continuous within each other, but with solutions that suggest a different way to live the place. The first one, by the entrance, has the counter as its focal point. A white marble slab on the top that is extending on one side, generating a dialogue of material and shadow contrasts with the cor-ten steel front panel.

In the second area, which is overlooking outside at the Diamond Tower building, an iron structure with wooden boxes containing objects and bottles is set behind a long couch with the small tables and the wide social table.

On the opposite side, the scenery is closed by a neon light composition about a playful theme, which add a bit of informality to the room. And custom made round and square tables with ceramic finish hand painted are arranged alternately in the space.

Milan is a constant source of inspiration, and the architectonic feature of the place is set to create a welcoming atmosphere, beautified by the selection of the furniture and the lightning.

Every detail of the restaurant contributes to enhance an exemplary of the nutritional well-being, carried on by the raw food serving, defining a sharp space able to adapt itself to the different moments of the day.

Material Used:

1. Pedrali - Chairs – Nemea 2820

2. Arrmet – Chairs – Strike

3. Catellani& Smith – lamps – Lederammanta

4. Catellani& Smith – lamps – Malagola

5. Mutina -ceramiccoating – Tex Olive

Crédits de projet
Fiche technique du produit

ÉlémentMarqueProduct name
lamps – LederammantaCATELLANI & SMITH
Chairs – Nemea 2820PEDRALI
ChairsArrmet srl
Wall tiles Mutina
Tex Olive
Fiche technique du produit
Chairs – Nemea 2820
Wall tiles
Tex Olive by Mutina
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