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Socio-Cultural Center

Reinosa, Spain
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SocioCultural Center in Reinosa, Spain

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This proposal refers to the construction of a socio-cultural center, established on the ruins of the old municipal market of Abastos in Reinosa – Spain, built in 1882, subject of fire in the summer of 2012 which completely destroyed this former building, leaving only some portions of their boundaries walls.


Reinosa is a city in the autonomous community of Cantabria (Spain), and one of the most important, located 75km from Santander.

With an area of 4.12 km2 and 10,071 inhabitants (in 2012), is surrounded by rivers Ebro and Híjar.

Being a mountain city with the lowest average temperatures in the region is located about 851m above sea level, with very cold winters with abundant snow, mild summers and increased rainfall in spring and autumn.

Use and analysis of the existing

The building of the former market which was built in the center of a square, and that once acted as covered and interior space, aimed to procure food commodities to the population in the area, also serving as a meeting point.

Analyzing the location, we understand that we are working a square with connection to a small “plaza”, behind the Teatro Principal, facing East.

This square is located in an area with steep slope, Calle del Sol (northern boundary) comes to be 4m above the highest elevation of the square, existing a stone mounted retaining wall and a ladder as a limit.

At the southern limit (Calle Juan José Ruano) we are 2m below the highest point of the square, next to the stone wall and street access to a garage of an existing building.

It`s a place with urban axes and points of view that seemed to us important to emphasize, the arrival at the square by its western boundary, is accomplished through the Calle Marques de Cilleruelo, and the “plaza” on the back of the theatre, the eastern limit.

The arrival to the square by its southern boundary is accomplished from Calle Menédez Pelayo, and north across the street of the garage of the existing building, a street parallel to Calle del Sol.


We intend to build a Socio-cultural Center, which is characterized by its multi - functionality and balance between the story of Reinosa and its original market building, in a contemporary and actual image.

Innovation in constructive and programmatic solutions, will present versatile and adaptable spaces to different uses, also taking into account local weather conditions.


The square as a element generator of urban space and living experiences.

The square is, of all the urban elements, is the one which that best serves the purpose of gathering and sharing among the various citizens of a region.

Our proposal aims to create a dynamic movement connecting the four points mentioned above and with this movement build two squares, one upper and uncovered and another lower and covered, and enclosed by the two squares install a socio-cultural center.

Enhance through not only the connection between these two squares, as the use of transparent elements, a strong and real visual relationship between the different points of the square as well as the interior of the building.

Build a covered but exterior square, where the relationship with the interior of the socio-cultural center will always be more protected, and thus facilitated in the hardest climacteric moments.

We propose a building with references to materials and traditional construction solutions, where new materials applied will result in an economically viable building, both in terms of its maintenance and in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency.


This proposal is developed instinctively.

Accessible to the covered square and main entrance of the building, is intended to keep the memory of the two entries that exist in the market, by Calles Menéndez Pelayo (east) and Plaza Abastos (west).

The upper square, which is not assumed as coverage, is available along Calle del Sol, a large ramped platform starting from the sidewalk level extends over a large triangulated “rug” to its highest point, the encounter with Calle Juan Calle José Ruano (south) and Menéndez Pelayo (east).

It`s at this point that the entry into the building is made from the upper square, through a staircase and elevator that mark the verticality of this moment of double height ceiling, where the reception and shop for traditional or cultural products, receive the visitors.

At the south volumetry its also developed the exhibition spaces / games and activities connected with this building, and a multipurpose room.

These two spaces allow them to be used only as one if necessary, and can always be extended to the exterior, through a facade that allows a straightforward relation between exterior and interior.

The interior cafeteria extends exteriorly there limits during spring and summer, punctuating the opposite side of the reception and access to the upper square, through a volumetry containing sanitary facilities and which defines the grand south facade.

On the opposite side of the building with a semi-underground floor, its proposed the location of the technical and warehouse areas, with a versatile area for classes and co-working space facing and accessible for the interior covered square, although not being physically connected to south volumetry, allows independent use or in hours outside normal operation from the remaining socio-cultural center, if necessary.

Materials and construction solutions

Structured in concrete, this building encourages the use of traditional materials and construction solutions in this region, through the use of local stone in exterior floors and basement of the building.

The wood, predominant element in balconies and galleries of Reinosa is used in frames and interior floors.

The concept of this building uses sustainable and energy efficient solutions in its operations, through a global solution in geothermal heating and cooling.


In summary the proposal for this socio-cultural center is based on the concept of square “plaza”, livable at different levels, a result of the land geographical lines of force and urban surrounding.

The proposed solution translates into a series of adaptable and versatile spaces, in a dynamic building that allows it to be experienced by everyone throughout the year.

The potentiation of different experiences and points of view from outside and inside the building, allow a strong visual communication from inside to outside and vice versa, translating this symbolic building of Reinosa, at the meeting point of all the city habitants and visitors.

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