ELEMENT VISUALIZATIONS en tant que 3d visualizations.



New air transport will change the way we perceive buildings. The project proposal intends to demonstrate innovative approach to air transport integration with existing buildings in urbanized areas. Adding superstructure on the top of skyscraper might be the best location for skystation (drone station). It can become a trend-setting discovery, which can be implemented on several buildings with flat roofs along city skyline. Multiplication of the skystation might create a sky transportation network.


In the following project particular emphasis is placed on sustainable construction solutions.


The height of the construction is always a problem due to the safety of workers. The famous image of New York's Workers on skyscraper’s metal beam might become history. The future workers may be drone robots programmed with step-by-step process of joining the prefabricated construction elements. The drone robot will be either operated by human or programmed before construction process will start. It is an answer for integration materials and operation methods in the whole building process, as well as increasing the quality of working conditions and people’s safety on height.





There is no need to occupy new plot to construct the project. The idea of skystation on the top of the existing building aimed to minimalize the ecological footprint. The future of air transport might reduce pollution by eliminating rush-hour traffic and   decreasing number of land vehicles. It can help in regaining roads by converting it into walkable and green public spaces. Reduction of CO2 emissions and toxicity were taken into account while selecting local materials used for construction and delivering them by local companies.




The aim of skystation project is to use existing buildings with flat roofs to provide easy access for future air vehicles. The lightweight structure is designed with the use of arcs to create even more convenient approach for landing. Form intend to become a landmark which can be identified as sky transport station. Superstructure blends with existing building through specially selected materials. The upper second entrance transforms the building into a link between sky and ground level. Existing art gallery is transformed and integrated with the new lobby to give users the opportunity to experience art while waiting for the transport. The function of the additional space might be different regarding the location. Art gallery might be replaced with restaurant, relax zones or entertainment area.

Lead Architects: Jakub Figel, Filip Kurasz




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