Skill School

Skill School

Arjun Rathi
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Skill School

Arjun Rathi en tant que Architectes.

The design aimed to address a key national issue: what interventions are needed to improve the vocational educational and training system in the country,

It demanded to define a new typology of institure that break away from established noms in vocational training and focus on development of core capabilities and critical technical skill in a revolutionary environment.The institution needed to be attuned to the latest global thought processes and ideas and help up-skill the labour class by providing state of the art facilities.

The challenge was to design a school which had an Indian context and could be replicated in process all over the country. A formal exploration with spherical objects was done to best understand the intricacies of the form. A sweet lime was sliced and various study drawings were made. From here, evolved the translucent membrane that would diffuse the sunlight and create nice soothing working environments.

The various intersections between slices, etc formed the interactive spaces, where out of class learning through discussions cross interactions between students and staff, alike, will happen.

The thin shell conrete domes can be built quickly and economically by using inflatable forms. They are one of the simplest and most efficient concrete structures to build; Yet not often used because of the cost and complexity typically needed for dome construction.

However by using an inflated form ,made of high strength architectural fabric (similar to superheavy tarpaulin) contractors can easily create the dome shape. Workers then apply shotcrete to the form exterior, using only one-third the material required for conventional concrete buildings.

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