SILEX -  Social Housing Foro Habitat Sostenible

SILEX - Social Housing Foro Habitat Sostenible

Gallardo Llopis Arquitectos
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Logement social

Logement des étudiants

SILEX - Foro Habitat Sostenible

Gallardo Llopis Arquitectos en tant que Architectes.

THRESHOLD | Implantation

Due to the situation and the characteristics of the plot, and taking advantage of the free ground floor to generate the access for the center instead of for an end, the project appears as a threshold of access to the Colonies of “Nuestra Señora de los Angeles”, a step between the urban environment and the green space that proposes the plan.

The project proposes a few landscaped spaces that provide with privacy to the housings in ground floor, at the same time as they initiate this tour across the senses of the future green space. The topography also turns out to be a fundamental factor, since the project allows to anchor minimizing his visual impact, playing with valleys and spaces landscaped in hills.

SILEX | Vallecas Flints

The sílex is an extremely hard mineral though very fragile that tends to the break in fragments that looks like edges. Vallecas always was very rich in sílex (flints) and in plasters that were extracted from his quarries.

Following this tradition, the project wants to evoke the edges, the colors, the textures, the shades of the big blocks of hewn stone piled up and displaced, working the building and propitiating a rhythmic front. The edges typical of the flint and the texture and color of the plasters evoked in the front provoke a few games of lights and shades in the facade.

The threshold raised as door to the later garden, emphasizes his lateral edges in the south-east front marking the tour of entry and inviting to the access.

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