Siesta Twin Houses

Siesta Twin Houses

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Redefining the Mediterranean Maison

Zucchero Architects en tant que Architectes d'intérieur.

Built on on two identical existing structures, these three-storey glass cube Siesta Houses, were redesigned by the Ibiza based Zuccherodesign Architects who took inspiration from the breathtaking sunset of Santa Eulalia bay. In a small densely inhabited island such as Ibiza, it is a challenge to find a hilltop location near the sea that is free from daily tourist activities. This tranquil feeling of seclusion was the first design objective when positioning the Siesta Houses. The second objective was to bring the feeling of the sea inside the house metaphorically painting the walls with delicate colors to reflect the sunlight. Constructed with open concept interiors (kitchen, dining-room and living-room plus master-suite, all in the main floor) and joining rectilinear forms that seemed to float on a cliff, these spaces feature spectacular views from every vantage point in their interior. A massive fire place is the only division in this pristine space while maintaining perfect dialog with the futuristic-shaped Moon System sofas designed by Zaha Hadid for B & B Italia. A floor-to-ceiling glass wall expands the conceptual impact of the living-room while offering direct access to the open-air terrace which features a hanging-pool. The house entrance is accomplished from a small private street approached from behind and connected by a bridge, allowing total privacy to the inhabitants. In the evening, the home's slat-style facade allows the interior light to permeate and merge with the exterior lighting system, bathing the house in a dramatic and glowing aura of its own. Architect Zucchero has honored the unique style that is typically Ibizian . This cosmopolitan approach to living in these exceptional spaces, presents an opportunity to truly realize an open and free experience leading the way to redefine the concept of the Mediterranean Maison.

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