Shrine For Secrets

Shrine For Secrets

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Buizingen, Brussels region, Belgium | View Map
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Luc Roymans

Shrine For Secrets

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A shrine for secrets…a vertical book covered with natural slates protecting people’s most important documents. Books filled with important decisions, business deals, statements and vows. A custom made building for a team of notaries doing their day by day work. An age-old profession functioning in a modern and natural interior. Clients feel immediately at home and enjoy the integrity oft he atmosphere.


After a long row of typical ribbon development along the busy road, suddenly the row is stopped. The vertical shrine puts an end to the rythm by its height and massiveness. It gives a break tot he busy street and creates a monumental beacon what people coud expect from a notary. Secrets to keep hidden for eternity…


Material Used :

1. facade highest building: Spanish natural slate – Manchada Multicolor
2. windows: aluminium curtain wall system – Reynaers aluminium
3. floors groundfloor notary: lime floor
4. floors higher levels: polished concrete
5. concrete core activation system (heating and passive cooling) with geothermal heating pump
6. wall covering stone walls notary: chipper mortar
7. wall covering offices notary: blue natural carpet

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Windows: aluminium curtain wall systemReynaers Aluminium
Fiche technique du produit
Windows: aluminium curtain wall system
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