Showroom Laufen Bathrooms at Salone del Mobile

Showroom Laufen Bathrooms at Salone del Mobile

Andreas Fuhrimann Gabrielle Hächler Architekten ETH/BSA
Milano (Salone del Mobile), Italy | View Map
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Showroom Laufen Bathrooms at Salone del Mobile, Milano

Andreas Fuhrimann Gabrielle Hächler Architekten ETH/BSA en tant que Architectes.

The architects’ challenge was above all to design a temporary space, in contrast to their daily task of creating permanent architecture. Nevertheless, a lasting impression had to be created. The architects’ idea was more in the direction of a stage, bringing Laufen products with all their advantages in a playful way to the Salone audience, showcasing: tradition, craftsmanship, history and beauty of everyday things. Hächler and Fuhrimann got their first inspiration from Laufen’s image film and a visit to the production site.


An aesthetic quality becomes visible on site, in which traditional craftsmanship is combined with avant garde robot technology, says Hächler and Fuhrimann. It’s exactly this aesthetics which is expressed in the design of the exhibition stand. The exterior view of the stand is therefore based on the production process: While the production marks at the main entrance give an idea of the history of craftsmanship, the negative forms shown possess the quality of contemporary sculptures.


Due to their complexity, the latter refer to the profound know-how that is required for the production and design of these everyday objects. The industrial design with cement-bonded chipboards is reminiscent of concrete brut. Videos of current Laufen products can be seen on two cubes at their production location. This also illustrates clearly the dimension in which Laufen manufactures its products on a daily basis and ships them worldwide.


Material Used:

1. Duripanel (cement-bonded chipboards) - facade and interior surfaces

2. Colored, glossy folie – interior surfaces

3. Galvanized steel shelves - facade

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