Shaw Wines Cellar Door

Shaw Wines Cellar Door

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34 Isabel Dr, Murrumbateman NSW 2582, Australia | View Map
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Shaw Wines Cellar Door

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Shaw Wines is located in Murrumbateman within the southern region of NSW. The Cellar Door, at Shaw Wines, is a bold building that reflects the quality of wines produced by Shaw vineyard. Apart from providing a much needed new facility for Shaw Wines, the Cellar door will become a destination for wine lovers and improving the tourism potential for this local wine region.


The building sits within the estate and has undeniable presence. Adopting a simple palate of materials and made up of three main components reflecting the function and nature of the product sold within the building. The main public interface is the tasting areas. Reflecting the signature white wine produced by Shaw vineyard, the tasting areas are transparent spaces opening up and reaching out towards the vineyards. Visitors can experience and explore the surrounding landscape and setting with vistas offering curated framed views that provide a connection between the raw material and the finished product offered in the building. 


In contrast to the transparency of the glass looking out onto the fields of vines, the entry side of the building is lined with timber, giving the building warmth and texture providing a textural connection to the vines from which the grapes grow and the barrels that hold the wine until maturity. Timber is divergent to the concrete spine separating tasting areas from more draconian functions of the building such as storage areas and public amenities. The approach to the entry of the building is less revealing and more enclosed with only a hint of what lies within, akin to a bottle of red wine, where the contents of the bottle is not completely visible, yet recognizable. 


Linking, yet separating, the three main components of the building is a robust concrete wedge that forms the basis of the building program. The central spine defines the circulation space and offers vistas to and within other parts of the building.   Concrete, the raw material used to create the central spine of the building, is expressed both externally and internally. It is an anchor, supporting the butterfly roof reaching out on either side, floating over the enclosure below.


Deep within the building is a cellar, not accessible to the public, but not concealed from the public. It is a space that stores the exceptional wines that are only revealed on the special occasion. 


Within the building, there is a constant reminder and connection with wine. There are views of the vineyards in the distance, there are displays of signature wines and there is a glass sculpture made up of a collection of wine glasses that filters the light into the stairwell leading to the cellar below. The building provides a point of sale for Shaw Wines, but also provides a sanctuary where one can site, enjoy a glass of wine and take in the spectacular countryside displaying the fruits of the vine.

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