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The new gateway to the south, our residential project Shadowplay, with developer BPM, is a fluttering, kinetic sculpture that celebrates its location – a playground of creativity and commerce in Melbourne’s Southbank.

Like a silk scarf caught in a breeze, Shadowplay’s façade drips with a paradox of opulent weightlessness: a woven, undulating silver surface that is both there and not there, flowing over the strength beneath of its angular silhouette.

This building appears almost alive – the pulsating surface contains gills created by the undulations of the façade, channeling and dispersing the south-west prevailing breeze.

Interlacing floorplates form a stage which offers a dark side and a light side. If you take the building as theatre, the rooftop would be the final act, and it’s already preparing for the wrap party. Three communal suites are available to host residents’ soirées, along with communal dining, a kitchen, and a lush wintergarden with a central fireplace – a natural retreat 46 storeys above Melbourne.

If the decadence of your environment leaves you wanting more, the building is located on the threshold of one of Melbourne’s major dining and entertainment precincts: choose your poison from bars, restaurants, shops and cultural centres.

The feminine softness of the form is counteracted by the masculine metallic edge and black glow emanating from the building – evocative and sensual, Shadowplay will be a beacon (or siren’s song) for south-bound travelers.

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