The Shar en tant que Architectes.

'Sepid' commercial-residential building contains three buildings stitched together aiming to expand usable spaces. In order to feel the integrity of the façade a curved shell is covering the whole building. In the next step the second shell is added to emphasis on the corners and continuation of the façade. By putting the window frames and dots on the building shell we associate passengers, kid’s dreamy world.

‘sepid’ designed by the shar group is an organic-shaped concrete-clad commercial and residential building in qazvin, iran. the concept of the project started with three rectangular volumes stitched together, that were later clad in a secondary curved envelope with multi-sized extruded window frames. the architects avoided using 90-degree angles both inside and outside the structure, giving a futuristic view.

in order to feel the integrity of the façade, the shar group wrapped the entire building in a bent shell. in the next step, a second cover was added to emphasize the corners and provide a continuation to the façade. by setting the window outlines and tiny scattered square openings — looking like pixels from far away — on the building shell, the architects sought to add a playful touch to intriguing passers-by interest.

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