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Senior University

Joaquim Portela
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Senior University

Joaquim Portela en tant que Architectes.

Located in the center of the city of Porto, in an area of the city under transformation, this complex is an extension of a new green area within the city. It is a senior university with residences, developed on an irregular terrain, both in terms of morphology as of topography, with a 25 meter level difference between the two streets it faces.

It was a challenge to develop such a specific program, where accessibility is privileged, in such a bumpy terrain. The buildings, which are interconnected, resolve these level difference, and allow access to several squares connected to the city and the new park.

Being a senior is an ambition that we all have even though we wish it to happen as late as possible. Society has an obligation to promote active aging. Older people play a very important role in the balance of society and constitute a social capital that no society should waste.

The volumes of the complex open towards the south, allowing for light to enter thorugh the rooms' balconies and classrooms. Due to the level the volumes sit on, this front allows for a privileged visual contact with the city. The north façade and the edge façades are opaque, allowing for the creation of more protected areas within the two buildings.

Despite the height difference between squares and streets, the interconnection between the buildings and the different levels themselves allows for a fluid communication inside and between the external squares, even to people with reduced mobility. This irregular area of the city became more fluid with this building.

Quality of life and healthy aging require a more comprehensive and adequate understanding of a number of factors that make up the daily life of the elderly. This project is not just a collection of buildings but rather an instrument available to our society.

This project seeks innovative, effective and efficient social responses in the provision of services as well as support in a logic of social innovation, leading to a set of studies with the elderly, their families.


Material Used:
Facade cladding: Concrete 
Flooring: Self-leveling mortar 
Doors: Wood 
Windows: Wood 
Roofing: Zinc 
Interior lighting: Erco, Joaquim Portela Arquitetos 
Interior furniture: Artek, Joaquim Portela Arquitetos


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