Sede da Fecomércio, Sesc e Senac - RS

Sede da Fecomércio, Sesc e Senac - RS

ESTÚDIO 41 Arquitetura
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil | View Map
Année du projet
Leonardo Finotti
Fiche technique du produit

ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
ChairHerman Miller
Aeron Chair
Elevatorsthyssenkrupp Elevator
Evolution 300
Minicell T15 LinersHunter Douglas Architectural
Aerial line modular carpetsInterface
Sand colored vinyl blanketTarkett

Fiche technique du produit
Aeron Chair by Herman Miller
Lavaggio by Tecnogran
Evolution 300 by thyssenkrupp Elevator
Minicell T15 Liners
Aerial line modular carpets
Sand colored vinyl blanket
by Tarkett

Sede da Fecomércio, Sesc e Senac - RS

ESTÚDIO 41 Arquitetura en tant que Architectes.

The project won the National Public Competition for the New Headquarters of Fecomércio, Sesc and Senac in Rio Grande do Sul


Man transforms the environment, interferes with nature in order to produce spaces that shelter their daily activities. In this process, he causes changes, builds objects, thinks about artifices inserted in the natural environment. This intervention suggests a reflection on the relationship between nature and artifice. Thus, it proposes buildings that are at the same time: artifact and landscape, coverage and relief, shelter and open area.


Nature and artifice
The project is part of a 15ha plot of land north of Porto Alegre. It is a border region of the urban fabric, where the municipality of Porto Alegre meets its metropolitan region.


Based on this reality, this project is a way of interpreting this relationship between the environment and the city, between nature and artifice. In fact, an intervention the size of the Fecomércio System has the power to renew, induce and qualify its immediate surroundings. Understanding the strength of this idea, it is proposed that a good part of the designed spaces can be used, in addition to users and collaborators, by the local community.


It then became necessary to act on two fronts:

- Interpreting the program as the possibility of inventing a place - Fecomércio - with a strong identity for the city and the local community, thus strengthening the idea of ​​the institution as a space for congregation, interaction and socialization of its users and employees, independently how many buildings or names of institutions are connected to it;

- Proposing that the permanence spaces of users, collaborators and the local community are protected at a higher level, preserving the idea of ​​institutional security even being in a land with environmental weaknesses.


It was then suggested the creation of a horizontalized garage building, at an elevation of +3.00m, shaped like a “podium”, on which the main buildings rest. This foundation, in addition to housing the vehicles, also includes the complex's technical and service areas, allowing long-term uses to enjoy generous views of the region's landscape and the proposed open spaces. The roof of this construction is landscaped, extending to the proposed park on the eastern portion of the land. It is the invention of a new topography – an artificial relief.


The proposed Coexistence Center, at +8.00m, acts as a connecting element of the built complex. Possessing the characteristic of an open public space, this great axis works as an anteroom to the halls of each building: the Administrative Building already built; and the Educational Center and the Events Center that will be built in the future. In the North portion, the balance of its structure marks the main access


The administrative tower is where work activities take place on open floor plans. It has a large staircase, next to the south façade, which provides interesting visuals for each floor it accesses, in addition to prioritizing the vertical pedestrian circulation through the building.


Material Used :
1. Hunter Douglas: Minicell T15 Liners
2. Knauf: AMF Liners
3. Thyssenkrupp: Evolution 3000 Elevators
4. Cassol: Precast concrete columns, beams and columns
5. Medabil: Metal structures
6. Neorex: hollow squared concrete elements
7. Concremold: Concrete Blocks
8. Placo: ST, RF and RU plates
9. Cebrace: Cool Lite Glasses
10. Knauf: Aquapanel facade system
11. Perfilor: Termilor Roof Thermal Insulating Tile
12. Ecotelhado: Light Alveolar System
13. Alcoa: Gold line frames
14. Tecnogran: Lavaggio line floors
15. Portobello: Natural Argento Mineral Porcelain
16. Gail: Extruded ceramics industrial kitchen kerafloor line
17. Interface: Aerial line modular carpets
18. Precon: Autoclaved Cellular Concrete
19. Lumicenter: CHT10-E232ACL luminaires
20. Votorantin: Cement All Works
21. Playgrama: 12mm fibrillated synthetic grass
22. Herman Miller: Aeron Chair
23. Belgo: Gradis Securifor
24. Coral: Premium Acrylic Water-Based Paints
25. Owa: Nexacustic Lining 16
26. Tarkett Fademac: Sand colored vinyl blanket – 9250212
27. Fabpisos: Raised floor plate f-52
28. Tigre: Vinilfort line tubes and couplings
29. Deca: Vogue Plus Toilet
30. Açograde: Omega line Electrocast Grade

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