SDA in Camp Clar

SDA in Camp Clar

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SDA in Camp Clar

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Service center for food distribution

First prize in the IX Tarragona Architectural Exhibition, 2015 - Biennal Alejandro de la Sota.

Located in Campclar neighbourhood, the new centre for food distribution was designed and built in only three months on very low economic resources, with 120 volunteers completing the build on the final morning.

The centre is organised into three spaces: a storage room, a service space, and a distribution zone. Users are given a number of points depending on their personal situation, and walk through a trail where they choose the food they need the most.

The building was conceived with a double industrial-artisanal logic. The structural system and the lateral facades were built up with prefabricated metallic elements in order to shorten the construction time. The frontal facades were constructed by a fabric skin, which contextualises the new centre with its surroundings. The compact and hermetic nature of the building responds to climatic and security requirements, however when the centre is in service, it opens to the users allowing natural light inside.

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