Scarb – network of boutiques with its own MMORPG

Scarb – network of boutiques with its own MMORPG

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Competition work for The 47th Nisshin Kogyo Architectural Design Competition LIVING UPON the PLAY

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Scarb is an international network of shops where one can buy clothes and accessories created by Ukrainian designers.

The word «scarb» means treasure trove. Another meaning of the world – household items that belong to somebody.

Salesroom is decorated in the style of modernized traditional Ukrainian country house. The walls are covered with 3D plaster; the floor is covered with wood-like porcelain tile. The showcase is stylized as a window of traditional Ukrainian country house. Fitting rooms are designed like giant pysankas – Ukrainian Easter eggs, decorated with traditional folk designs using a wax-resist method.

Key feature of the fitting rooms is using of virtual reality headset. A customer firstly tries on clothes and accessories virtually, and after that tries on items he/she liked IRL.

Every item is connected with MMORPG character. So customer one buys not only things but also equipment and abilities for chosen character.

The game characters are Ukrainian folklore creatures and historical figures. 

When you play as a certain character wearing a virtual reality headset, you can blow up the shop to little pieces in the way specific to your character. 

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