Savour (Dalang) Barber’s Shop

Savour (Dalang) Barber’s Shop

Co-Direction Interior Design
Dongguan, China
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Savour (Dalang) Barber’s Shop to make difference

Co-Direction Interior Design en tant que Designers.

As an exclusive hairstyling space, Savour (Dalang) Barber’s Shop intends to arouse people to think of one specific word-FASHION assuredly.Nowadays,there are plenty of definitions to fashion in various ranges.In a sense,we’d rather say that starting from the point of ourselves personality is actually the spirit of fashion than simply follow masses.Unusual,unique and impressive are the best interpretations for trend.Savour Dalang surely characterizes those specialties narrated,placing its customers impressed and returned.

In fashion,from Vidal Sassoon's curved line to Issey Miyake’s tailoring,all referring to accuracy,absoluteness,and hesitate-lessness.It’s destined possibly to be foreordination of the fashion industry.Equally,to fulfill the design of this barber, the highlighting curving line becomes the first impact point in the floor plan as well.Starting out from the elevator,an arced breaks unexceptional interior layout and cone-shaped sections sparkle to gather various guests.

If we see artistic as science,thus design is technology.Technology based on science holds as many as functions.In addition, an inspiration of design, as usual, originates from artworks.Design with the philosophy ”Kung Fu is a practice in the poem” is always able to make people brightened.Curved line applied in the operating area refers to the artwork of minimalism sculptor Richard Serra.

The operating area,saluting to the master,breaks through the shackle of cube space.With column and grid,this area anchors three man-shaped hairstyling sections.The entire room is re-arranged with vitality by three man-shaped panel points.The flow of bodies in the space is extremely unblocked and straightway.The corresponding is the area at the top:three arc lights screened by transparent soft film and hid in the ceiling work in concert with the floor plan.

In the modern design,plenty of fashion brands pay a lot of attention to translucency and transparency dimensionally,such as Kazuyo Sejima’s Dior flagship store in Tokyo which conveyed transparency and romance with elegance,lightsome and mode by using translucent glass.To forge a flexible,stretchy and airy space is a key issue for fashion shop designers to consider deeply.

In today’s industrial design, the fillet was all the rage at the time and earned hundreds of millions of fans.Such organic custom of modernism constantly impacts on the domain of space design.Industrial interior design endeavors to turn into a trend of development:material processing in the factory,seamless assembling in the site,invisible junction points,appealing to designers’ professional ability of construction plan,and proving to the manufacturing line.Fillet design has a kind of industrial sense.Carved wall painting behind the couch is decorative typically.

For the contemporary sales spaces,they emphasize on creating returning customers with the help of space’s comfort and satisfaction as to establish a good experience,instead of direct sales traditionally.Accordingly,the experiencing zone and recreation space look like a waste of dealing area,on the contrary,is a innegligible component in the scheme. A bright spot leads to the addition of points and improves promotion logically.

The recreation space wields several seats.Two-person chairs appear formally,while the couches in the lounge present casually.The integrated stereo audio-visual system enhances the space’s interactivity.Incorporating Agnes 14 chandelier of Roll&Hill,the entire recreation space seems to be concise and vivid.The designer applied mirror and PMMA(glass) to fabricate diverse virtual walls in the space.It’s a nice try to add display function or specification function,or mirror reflection to bring about interactivity.

In addition to the Lounge,but in the entire Savour Dalang,the consciousness of experience economy conceals beneath design.How to satisfy customers and provide better service for its customers is not only vital for merchants,but also for business designers to rethink profoundly at all times.

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