SAP’s Istanbul Office

SAP’s Istanbul Office

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Année du projet
Gurkan Akay
Fiche technique du produit

ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
Contract Furniture – KlassisSteelcase
Contract Furniture – KlassisPlank
Contract Furniture – Connection TurkeySIXINCH
Contract Furniture – KlassisVondom

Fiche technique du produit
Contract Furniture – Klassis
BEAN by Akomo
Contract Furniture – Klassis
Contract Furniture – Connection Turkey
Contract Furniture – Klassis
by Vondom

SAP’s Istanbul Office

mimaristudio en tant que Architectes.

SAP Turkey is now continuing its operations at its new Head Office at Emaar Square. As the market leader in enterprise application software, SAP provides more interactive, more fun, and more colorful working space for employees. Mimaristudio realized the project's interior design concept, design, and studies, led by SAP's Global Real Estate and Facilities Management Team. SAP Turkey's New Head Office with 1,900 m2 (net) followed an approach that has changed the physical workspace as well as work culture and habits. The project has created a working environment and living space that combines SAP's innovative, "human-centric" face with its global design criteria.


At the same time, environmental friendliness and sustainability are important components of the SAP Turkey's new Istanbul Office. Green, natural materials, and forms and bold colors were included in design according to the biophilic design criteria. One of the two floors of the office is designed for employees and the other floor is designed for both employees and visitors. This space was, at the same time, designed specially so that customers and visitors alike could see and experience SAP products and solutions. Also this floor includes different areas to organize corporate meetings and trainings.


A workspace has been created that enables employees, who spend more time indoor environment, to be physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy and happçy, alongside highly productive. An interactive environment was fashioned out of taking corporate well-being criteria—something that the world is hearing more and more as of recent—into consideration. Therefore, the aim was to have employees work under maximum natural light, perpetually clean air, and optimal thermal and acoustic comfort. Among the project's other more eye-catching sections are its relaxing lounges (that all employees can comfortably use) as well as its many meeting and training rooms with various sizes and functions.


Additionally, desks, as well as cross-sectional working flexibility, were considered in light of an activity- based working approach. This included giving priority to ergonomics and giving preference to new generation products. The furniture was selected that offered the opportunity to work not only while sitting but also while standing. SAP Turkey's new office in Istanbul has planned as a new generation space that allows employees to create coworking environment throughout the day. As part of this, multipurpose areas that are suitable for phone calls, meetings, etc prevent monotony and repetitive settlement.


While SAP Turkey's new office reflects the company's global profile as well as its innovative face in the information technology sector, it has been designed to be used not only in a workspace but also in living space as well.


Material Used :
1- Optimum Lighting – Technical lighting – Optiumum Lighting
2- Akomo – Acoustic Lighting – Dark Lighting
3- Barrisol Acoustic Ceiling – Ceiling – Tekno Yapı
4- Ecophone Solo – Acoustic Panels – Ecophone Turkey
5- Evist – Acoustic Wallpaper - Evist
6- Berker – Custom Millworks – Berker
7- Artema – Ceramics & WC solutions – Vitra
8- Arpa – Laminated Surface – Interdekor
9- ASD – Laminated Surface – ASD
10- Corian – Bench works - Dupont
11- Interface – Contract flooring – Klassis
12- Trimline – Glass / Glazing walls - Trimline
13- Steelcase – Contract Furniture – Klassis
14- Haworth – Contract Furniture – Ersa
15- Orange Box – Contract Furniture – Klassis
16- System 180 – Contract Furniture – Klassis
17- Plank – Contract Furniture – Klassis
18- Sixinch – Contract Furniture – Connection Turkey
19- Brunner – Contract Furniture – Klassis
20- Vondom – Contract Furniture – Klassis
21- Noti – Contract Furniture – Ersa
22- Ersa – Contract Furniture – Ersa
23- Koleksiyon – Contract Furniture – Koleksiyon

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