Sant Miquel 19 refurbishment

Sant Miquel 19 refurbishment

IBAVI arquitectes
Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
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Jose Hevia

Sant Miquel 19 refurbishment

IBAVI arquitectes en tant que Architectes.

Refurbishment project built with € 18,000 budget that aims to bring empty homes back into use for people in housing need, which is a huge problem right now in Spain, especially at tourist areas like Mallorca island. € 12,000 have been used for energy efficieny improvement (roof insulation and biomass stove) and € 6,000 for indoor rehabilitation. The project has been made with an urban sharecropping contract, paying rent for 3 years through the work, part of which has been done by self-construction.

In order to be able to refurbish a 100 square meters dwelling with this amount, we followed 3 ideas: 1. NOT TO DO, as the best way to do. 2. Domestic Archaeology, to learn how economy of means has built our cities for centuries. 3. Back to the arch, as a way to open spaces without adding any kind of new material. To open a door is not the same than to build a door.

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Flooring: "Aigues" tilesHuguet
Fiche technique du produit
Flooring: "Aigues" tiles
by Huguet
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