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6-Oct-2017 The project is located in the northern part of the City of Cuernavaca in the State of Morelos. The architectural development has eleven apartments and twenty houses surrounded by trees and native vegetation which turns out to be the main concept of the project: the landscape, the wonderful views, the tracks, the gym, the pool and other facilities were placed in order to preserve the natural environment.

The land has a natural slope towards the back due to the surface runoff from volcanoes and the surrounding mountains.

The symmetrical scheme of the collection of houses is based on a main track as the articulating axis of the project and, by the way, the material treatmentworks as a centralgardengiving a peaceful access to all the houses,. The ground floor of each is a public and service area (kitchen, dining room, utility room, bathroom, hall, living room and garden); The upper floor is the private area (3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with closets). They are designed in order to make significant energy savings, which are applied in the double height open space wrapped by natural light as well as the special location of the stairs in the center in order to give away subtle airing and lighting depending on the season.

The apartments (85 and 90 square meters) are located on two levels, both with views to the private garden and the beautiful tree tops in the lovely glen. With heated swimming pool and a special pergola design with softens the sunlight allows you to stay in the pool for hours. The gym; A subtle white box at the end of the place that grants you to exercise without interruption.

28-Dec-2012 The project is develop in a 5000 sqm terrain, in the city of Cuernavaca Morelos. The On-site trees gave the distribution and placement of the houses, there are several typologies to become the more suitable distribution for the convenient type of the vegetation. The connection with the common areas is a very important issue, that has solved with the incursion of a different type of pool area, next to the gym and restrooms. located on the far corner of the site. The glen is on the back site of the terrain giving the best view to the apartments. The center block is given to the context, and so the common areas are split, with the 2 type of products. The distribution of the houses are given to the center of the house as a heart, were as the spaces are arranged around the stairs. The apartment are arranged at the end of the Site, next to the glen. The topography was the perfect distribution tool to take decisions on the street tilt, drainage, lighting, gardens, etc..

The original concept is to reach a higher views to the top of the trees, as there were boxes or houses trees floating over. The white appearance is due to the amount of lime poor over the paint, to avoid the bugs and to damp proof from the very wet exterior. Most of the houses has a garden, and the interior develop from the staircase, which the dome is the attach from the trees of the outside.

Awards: 2nd place Best housing / CEMEX award Obras 2011

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