RUPERT arts and education centre

RUPERT arts and education centre

Audrius Ambrasas Architects
Meškeriotojų g. 33, Vilnius, Lithuania | View Map
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RUPERT arts and education centre

Audrius Ambrasas Architects en tant que Architectes.

The purpose of centre is to provide the artists and researchers with space for workshops, lectures, individual projects and residency. The 2096 sq. meters building is located in Vilnius, Valakampiai, next to the city beach. Built instead of the old shop, it stands in the axis of the street, just at the ending of the former trolley ring.

Resort environment and the art creation mystery were the main sources of architectural inspiration. Wooden facing makes the building to visually dissolve in a pine forest, and the only opening in the main facade allows the visitor to look at the artists' world like through the keyhole.

The ground floor has a hall, library and administration. In the basement - the space for computer art workshops. Around the main building axis on the second floor - studios for artists. There are two types of these - with an outdoor terrace or with a mezzanine inside. One can get from the second floor corridor directly to the meadow via open staircase. The ceilings of basement and first floor are constructed from 12 meters long prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs. Supporting construction of the second floor is a steel profiles frame. Heat-treated pine boards are used for the facade cladding and bleached pine paneling for the interior.

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