R&S Office Building

R&S Office Building

MEEKO Architects
Lotniskowa 1, Mielec, Poland | View Map
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ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
Interior flooringForbo Flooring Systems
Aluminium profiles, glassingALUPROF SA
Facade glassAGC Glass Europe
Interior flooringDesso
Office furnitureProfim

Fiche technique du produit
Interior flooring
Aluminium profiles, glassing
Facade glass
Interior flooring
by Desso
Office furniture
by Profim

A pearl in the industrial zone

MEEKO Architects en tant que General Planner.

The R&S firm is a dynamically developing company in the metallurgical industry, which produces specialised products for telecommunications, teleinformatics and energy industry. The new headquarters of the company is located within the Euro-Park Special Economic Zone in Mielec. The zone is counted by independent rankings to the most effective and developing zones in Poland.

The main project assumption was to refer to the nature of R&S's production activities, highlight its position on the market through the modern and elegant architecture of the office building as well as functional and comfortable office space.

The architectural form consists of two blocks juxtaposed in a mutual relation, i.e. a bent cuboid of an office building with a flat roof and a truncated cuboid with a trapezoidal base of a production hall with a gable roof. The solids are varied with finishing materials on the basis of contrast. The production hall is the background for the office block. The production hall is finished with anthracite trapezoidal metal sheet, and the office building is finished with glass and aluminum panels in gray. As the colour accents, niches were proposed, i.e. the main entrance and the loggia on the three floors in red and the interior of the reception part.

The idea behind the design process was to take into account the corporate colours of R&S as a complementary colour both in the architecture of the office building and in its interiors.

A characteristic element of the interior design are personalised panels made of perforated sheet metal. The detail of the openings has been meticulously designed to perfectly complement the designed spaces. The motif scrolls in the interior sequence from the moment you enter the building in the reception to the conference room. Perforated sheets have been used as finishing material for furniture fronts as well.

The main components of the colour finish are the subdued colours from gray to white, which build an excellent background of furniture and elements that complement the interior of R&S's office space.

In the staircase, to vary the communication between the floors, an author's mural was designed, showing the scope and profile of the company in abstract and geometric terms. The mural consists of a composition of squares in gray, blue and typography.

In the corridors, the elements to enter individual office rooms have been designed as portals for the full height of the storey. The portals were finished with gray painted glass and the door wing with matte glass. Each of the door portals and internal doors in the office building were provided with a graphic description of the author's visual identity.

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