Rovirai Virgily University Library

Rovirai Virgily University Library

Martínez Lapeña – Torres Arquitectos
Tarragona, Spain | View Map
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Rovirai Virgily University Library

Martínez Lapeña – Torres Arquitectos en tant que Architectes.

The project is a plaza with a public space, of relation between the library and the future service building, and a point of reference from the fluxes of the students that access the building from different directions.  The library occupies most of the parcel with a compact building.  The compact volume minimize the affects for the contextual surroundings of the future project.

The access to the library is located either from the stairs or directly from Carrer del Mig.

One of the intentions for the project is the presence of natural light and the disposition of the floor with a geometry that allows the possibility of maxim flexibility in the organization of the different areas.

The enclosure of the building attends to the control of sun exposure without renouncing to the interior illumination.  Only the northeast façade does not have solar protection.

The principal hall of the library is organized as a free plan with windows to the exterior in three of the façades to obtain a good relation with the exterior and with a sky light that guarantees the natural illumination to the center of the building.

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