Round Timber Restaurant in Monteiro Lobato

Round Timber Restaurant in Monteiro Lobato

Metamoorfose Studio
Monteiro Lobato, São Paulo, Brazil | View Map
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Round Timber Restaurant in Monteiro Lobato (Rural Brazil)

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The restaurant-grocery store iin Monteiro Lobato was conceived as a strategic project that seeks to cause a positive impact on the region, blend in with the landscape and respond to local economic demands. Located in a rural area near the city of Monteiro Lobato at an altitude of 1,150 meters, the project aimed to meet a simple demand: a grocery store for locals who needed to face a 20-kilometer commute to buy basic supplies, as well as provide support to tourists (café and restrooms) who stopped by to visit the Mirante Pedra de São Francisco (São Francisco Rock Lookout).

The rock is located in a private property that was opened to the public in the early 2000s. Since then, demands and tourist sightseeing grew and the need to install a project to address local issues became imminent. From the get-go, the project developed by Metamoorfose aimed to use raw materials from the region, take full advantage of construction waste, avoid large soil movements and provide everyone with a pleasant environment that enhanced their surroundings. In order to develop a circular economy, the program was structured to be self-sufficient according to the evolution of use, space and needs – always servicing the local population (rural area) with the sale of basic products that were manufactured in-loco, ultimately generating new jobs geared towards ecotourism.

The project’s starting point was designed to foster better integration with the surroundings and contemplation of the sights in an unconventional place. The architectural plan’s concept allows users to go all the way around and discover the different views of the landscape along the way. The modular structure and closings make it possible to grow or reduce the program, enabling greater flexibility and the ability to keep up with the project’s actual transformation over time. In terms of bioclimatic strategies, the slightly loose cover of the lower volumes allows for permanent ventilation, indirect natural lighting and the existence of a fully open indoor garden, which assists in the overall moisture, generated by plant evapotranspiration.  The ground high-floor aids in cooling the building and showcases the land’s natural profile.

Its circular shape merges with the mountain’s curves and the abundance of transparency provides visitors with an internal route that is always in sync with the outside landscape. The program intends on solving local demands while simultaneously promoting integration with the space in a natural fashion for everybody. From the restaurant to the grocery store, from the café to picnics on the rock and from sit-down immersive experiences to fleeting visits, all of the program’s features come together to achieve the common goal of contemplating nature and seizing the moment!

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