Round office for Niverplast with BREEAM

Round office for Niverplast with BREEAM

Construction company Nieuwenhuis
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Round office for Niverplast with BREEAM

Foreco en tant que Sub-contractor.

The design of the new office of Niverplast is a peculiar one; the round shape of the building makes it special. It has a diameter of 100 meters and has an extravagant entrance. Also the offices on top of the main building stick out in design. The offices are situated in the exact middle of the main building, so the industrial spaces surround the offices.

High quality timber with 15 years guarantee The timber façade is WaxedWood Siberian larch. Foreco was responsible for delivering and mounting the timber at the facades and ceilings. The company could offer a complete concept thanks to the expertise and high quality products. At her own location in Dalfsen the timber was produced where after the sister company Foreco Timberconstructions mounted the timber to the façade and ceilings. A good preparation with proper attention to optimizing the choice of timber, sizes and dimensions, quality, and mounting details resulted in an extreme well performance. The high quality of the timber provided Foreco with the opportunity to offer a 15 years maintenance free guarantee on the timber.

Inspiration for colour transformation The client and construction company got their inspiration from projects with WaxedWood Siberian larch which were already build years ago. Some of the projects were two years old, others four, and others even 10 years old. The client and construction company could see what the timber would look like years after it has been mounted on the façade. They could see the colour transformation; from greenish brown to warm brown to a weathered grey appearance at the oldest projects.

BREEAM**** For Niverplast sustainability is an important issue. They are actively involved in many project which support the three pillars of people, planet and profit. It was not surprising they choose for sustainable materials for their new building. According to the standards of the BREEAM certification they have designed the building to receive a four star certificate. The timber cladding of WaxedWood helped to receive this high rating by offering credits at the material category. The timber is FSC® or PEFC certified and received a DUBOkeur (a Dutch certificate for sustainable products in a certain application). These factors helped Niverplast to live up to their high standards of sustainable business.

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