ROSÉ, Carriage House

ROSÉ, Carriage House

Helga Blocksdorf
Hauptstraße, Berlin Rosenthal Nord | View Map
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ROSE, Carriage House

Helga Blocksdorf en tant que Architectes.

“Raw, monolithic and polished, the new head-end building stands in the suburban quarter of Berlin Rosenthal-Nord. In addition to the ‘remettre’ (stabling, placing, feeding) which was the original use of the carriage house, family living and the work on sculptures now extends three-dimensionally in the new structure. A double-height hearth gathers people by the fire. Here, the realization, accurate to the last joint, lets the raw material play autopoetically into the room. Low-budget and unexpectedly, the half-finished product enters into a dialogue with the users – Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a house in Berlin.”

Material Used:

1. Wienerberger T7 (monolithic wall, mineralic insulation inside the bricks)

2. Baumit – MP69 Mineralpor Leichtputz – mineralic plaster

3. Braas - Turmalin – tiles on the roof

4. Velux - roof light

Crédits de projet
Fiche technique du produit

MP69 Mineralpor Leichtputz – mineralic plasterBAUMIT
Turmalin – tiles on the roofBraas
Roof lightsVelux
Fiche technique du produit
T7 by Wienerberger
MP69 Mineralpor Leichtputz – mineralic plaster
Turmalin – tiles on the roof
by Braas
Roof lights
by Velux
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