Roof over a roman arqueological site

Roof over a roman arqueological site

Temperaturas Extremas Arquitectos
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David Frutos

Roof over a roman arqueological site in Cartagena

Temperaturas Extremas Arquitectos en tant que Architectes.

The building is essentially a cover protecting the remains of a Roman assembly (thermal baths, forum and domus) in the archaeological site of MolinetePark in Cartagena, Spain.


This coveris integrated asanother piece ofthe historic areaofCartagenawhose mainarchitectural challengeisto reconcileverydifferent architectures - from the roman time, passing through baroque, to the present day, -  makingall the interventions vibratetogetherin the neighborhood. It is a transitional element between very diverse urban conditions: insize, material and structure; from the dense city centre to the sloping park.


The primary goal of the work is to respect the existing remains, using a long-span structure, which requires the least amount of support to hold the cover. The intervention unifies all the remains in a single space, allowing a continuous perception of the whole site. The partition wall of the cover generates a new urban facade.

The project also pursues a sense of lightness and is conceived as an element that allows light inside. The inner layer is built with a modular system of corrugated multiwall translucent polycarbonate sheets. The outer layer, constructed with perforated steel plates, qualifies the incidence of light and gives a uniform exterior appearance.


Besides the steel structure, the building set includes an elevated walkway parallel to the street that is accessible – like all the built elements - for disabled visitors. It is a very light structure hanging from steel beams. Conceived as a glass box with a faceted, partially visible geometry, it makes up the street façade and allows a view of the ruins from three meters high setting out an overall vision of the roman remains.

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