ROC Kellebeek College, an innovative education center

Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur en tant que Architectes.

The Kellebeek College is a Regional Training Center with education for Health Care and Well-being. Besides the educational facilities, a number of external services which are related to this education – such as a pharmacy, a nursery and a provision for the elderly - are included in the building.

Both internally and externally the Kellebeek College communicates strongly; in a single glance it is clear that it concerns a leading educational institution which provides in modern health care education. Inside the building, all facilities are grouped around the central meeting place. Because of the open and transparent entrance the central hall of the building is visible and immediately recognizable as such. The educational areas, in particular the practice areas and vocational companies, are separately identified within the overall sculpture of the central hall, but work together as a whole. The building is characterized by curved facades, with windows in horizontal ribbons swinging around the building in such a way that the basic form is strongly accentuated.

The result is an articulated, unambiguous sculptural mass. The volume respects the existing representative buildings in the vicinity such as the Paters Church and the Syrup Factory. In this way the view from the south towards the church is as unobstructed as possible, because the building fully forms itself to the urban sight lines.

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