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RMIT Design Hub

Sean Godsell Architects en tant que Architects.

The purpose of the Design Hub is to provide accommodation in one building for a diverse range of design research and post graduate education. RMIT is a world leader in design research however post graduates are currently dissipated across various campuses and facilities. The Hub provides a collegial research base where post graduates in fields such as fabric and fashion design will work alongside those involved in architecture, aeronautical engineering, industrial design, landscape architecture, urban design and so on.

Research groups have the ability to locate and fine tune their accommodation within ‘warehouses’ - open plan spaces where research teams can set up and tailor their work environment to suit their particular needs. Teams may stay for anywhere from six months to three years depending on the nature of and funding limits to their research and education programs. Research may include the need for workshops to make physical models to be located alongside computer studios, three dimensional printing, virtual reality modelling and so on. Given the time frames associated with research projects all the warehouses require a high level of adaptability and flexibility. In that sense these spaces are designed to accommodate the organic nature of research - ever evolving, adapting, changing and growing.

The plan of the Hub acknowledges the desire for incidental cross pollination where researchers from one field encounter those from completely unrelated other fields as part of their day to day use of the building. An exhibition space and design archive provide a public interface with both industry and research outcomes. These spaces combined with a variety of lecture, seminar and multi purpose rooms facilitate high level exchanges in a number of forums.

The Hub has a large number of ESD features and incorporates strategies of water, waste and recycling management that are the equal of any ESD focussed building on the planet. In particular the outer skin of the Hub incorporates automated sunshading that includes photovoltaic cells, evaporative cooling and fresh air intakes that improve the internal air quality and reduce running costs. The cells have been designed so that they can be easily replaced as research into solar energy results in improved technology and part of the northern façade is actually dedicated to ongoing research into solar cells to be conducted jointly by industry and RMIT. The entire building façade, in other words, has the capacity to be upgraded as solar technology evolves and may one day generate enough electricity to run the whole building.


The façade comprises a specifically detailed double glazed inner skin on each face of the building and an automated operable second skin shading device. The second skin shading device surrounds the entire building, from the ground floor to the roof plant level. It is made up of nominally 600 mm diameter sandblasted glass disks, which are fixed to either a horizontal or vertical aluminium axel. Each axel is fixed to the outer face of a galvanised steel cylinder of a slightly greater diameter and nominally 130 mm in depth.

21 glass discs and steel cylinders are fixed together in panels of nominally 1.8 m by 4.2 m, which are supported on a secondary galvanised steel frame set out about 700 mm from the curtain wall face of the building. These are accessed by an external service walkway on each level.

Each typical panel is made up of 12 operable glass discs and 9 discs which are fixed. At the ground and plant room levels all glass disks will be fixed. There are 86 panels on each level and therefore 774 panels for the nine levels of the building.

Perimeter air intakes and fine mist sprinklers incorporated into the double glazed inner skin provide passive cooling to the UFAD system. The water used in this ‘Coolgardie safe’ system is harvested from the roof. Fresh naturally cooled air provides a less expensive, lower energy consumption and more desirable thermal comfort alternative to a wholly conditioned work environment.


Structural System                                                                                                 

Steel reinforced concrete columns                                                        

Post tensioned concrete slab

Major Materials                                   

Steel, Glass, Concrete

Exterior Cladding                                

Masonry                                                Boral Concrete block

Metal Panels                                         2mm Zincalume sheet

                                                               Level 10 Pavilions: VM Zinc cladding Colour: Anthracite’

Facade                                                  Double glazed inner skin, custom made galvanized steel window frames

Automated operable second skin shading device comprising,

17,000 sandblasted glass disks supported on galvanised steel substructure

Off form concrete                                 Off form concrete, Class 2 finish

Moisture barrier                                   Volclay ‘Voltex’

Paving                                                   Cut bluestone, stainless steel control joints

100x100x50 ‘salt and pepper’ granite cobblestones

Tactile Indicators                                  ‘DTAC’ stainless steel tactile indicators

SW Drains                                             ‘Aco’ slot drains


Metal                                                      Lysaght ‘Kliplok’ Zincalume metal deck roofing



Metal frame                                           Custom galvanized steel frame windows to Architect’s detail Thermally split mullions


Glass                                                     Internal glass façade: Argon filled double glazed units 6-12-6 Building corners 10-12-10 double glazed units

Skylights                                               Argon filled double glazed units 10-12-10


Entrances                                              Ground floor entry doors: Frameless glazed external sliding doors, Dorma EL301 low profile automatic door operator

Metal doors                                          Custom galvanized steel frame doors to Architect’s detail                         Custom circular stainless steel cover plate to floor springs                

Sliding doors                                       Exhibition Room entry doors: Frameless glazed external sliding door, Dorma EL301 low profile automatic door operator

                                                               1200 x 8500 and 4200x3300 flush panel shop primed mdf cavity sliding entry doors

Fire-control doors                               Flush panel shop primed fire rated doors

Automated hopper window

Special doors                                       Level 10 Seminar Rooms: ‘Airport Doors’ bi-folding motorised door with VM Zinc lining inner and outer faces


Locksets                                                ‘Legge Pacific’ Hardware                                                     

Closers:                                                Glazed external doors: Dorma Low Profile Automatic Door Operator Warehouse entry doors: IGS floor spring

Exit devices                                           Request to egress push buttons

Pulls                                                      ‘Legge Pacific’ furniture                                      

Security devices                                   Proximity card readers        

Interior finishes

Acoustical ceilings                              Atkar ‘Audilux’ Perforated cement sheet with acoustic backing

Cabinetwork                                        Mdf factory applied paint finish to architect’s detail

Paints and stains                                 Dulux 101 Low Sheen PVA ‘Natural White’ Walls and Ceilings                       

Wall coverings                                     Painted mural to Level 1 corridor

Wall cladding                                       2mm perforated Zincalume

30 x 3 galvanized steel grating : Rhino Grating

Boral Plasterboard                               

Special surfacing                                 Hot dip galvanized industrial grating utilised for wall and ceiling linings   

Floor and wall tiles                              Bathrooms: Circular mosaic tiles, supplier: Floortech

Resilient flooring                                40mm granolithic topping screed, stainless steel control joints 2mm 100% rubber flooring, Colour: Black: Activa Rubber Flooring Lecture Theatre: 4mm Hot dip galvanized mild steel perforated sheet Door mats entry / entry flooring: 3M Nomad Scraper mat Kitchen Areas: Forbo Surestep Vinyl Original 17199 Charcoal 7mm ‘Sussex’ loop pile carpet 100% wool: Godfrey Hirst 

Raised flooring                                    Raised access floors: Tasman ‘Tascor’

Special interior finishes                      Floor boards and exterior deck (Level 10) Recycled tallowood, Howard’s Orange Tung Oil finish


Office furniture                                     Mobile office furniture including desks, shelving and filing units, custom made to detail

Fixed seating                                        Class 2 off form reinforced concrete to architect’s detail

Corian lecture theatre seating to architect’s detail: Fabricator Solidwerks

Chairs                                                    ‘Miles’ conference chair – Schambugalvisse

Folding tables (Level 10) – Wilkhan

Workstation chairs – Stem Intelligent Seating

Stackable chairs – Stem Intelligent Seating


Interior ambient lighting                     Warehouse spaces and Longrooms: Surface mounted linear extrusions, incorporating emergency and exit lights, smoke detectors, motion detectors and fluorescent lighting

Downlights                                           Typical floors: Custom recessed extrusions housing Reggiani Axel fluorescent downlights, movement sensors, security cameras, sprinklers and fire alarms

                                                               Custom suspended lighting track, housing Reggiani Zagra flood lights

                                                               Exhibition Room 1: Low voltage track mounted Erco Emonon spot lights

Task lighting                                         Artemide ‘Tolomeo’ desk reading light

Exterior                                                  Lumascape ‘Vedi Mini’ in ground LED external uplights

Lighting controls                                DALI lighting control system


Elevators                                               Schindler Australia Pty Ltd


Water closet: Caroma Leda 

DDA water closet: Caroma Invisi

Cistern: Caroma Water Wafer MK3

Urinal: Caroma Cube 0.8 litre

Hand basin: Caroma Flora500

Drinking fountain: RBA stainless steel floor mounted wall fixed fountain

Hand basin taps: Enware 1000 series

Kitchen taps: Scala sink mixer


Hand dryer: JDMcDonald recessed stainless steel paper towel/dryer

Boiling water unit: Whelan Industries thermal tap

Dishwasher: Intergrated single drawer Fisher & Paykel

Refrigerator: Intergrated under bench bar refrigerator LG

Zanussi PT3 Series glass door refrigerator

Oven/Cooktop: Zanussi Snack 600 oven and cooktop

Rangehood: Zanussi Master M-line

Refrigerator: Zanussi PT3

Dish washer: Zanussi LS-5 undercounter stainless steel dishwasher


Building Management System           

All mechanical services + Façade automation are driven by a centralized building management system

Ambient light is sensor controlled

The building facade incorporates solar power infrastructure

Black, grey and rainwater harvesting / recycling

Fresh air intakes to habitable spaces

Photovoltaic system                            

The outer skin of the Hub incorporates automated glass sun shading cells that include solar power infrastructure and fresh air intakes that improve the internal air quality and reduce running costs.

Bike racks                                             Bicycle Victoria ‘Ned Kelly’ bike racks

Signage                                   Designed by Sean Godsell Architects

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