Courtyard house in Benimaclet

Gradolí and Sanz Arquitectos en tant que Architectes.

Benimaclet used to be a farming village, an island in a sea of fields ploughed through ditches. With the growth of the city of Valencia, the island was absorbed to turn it into a residential neighbourhood, and inevitably, into an anomaly within the urban fabric. And in this condition it resists, continually more threatened by the city.

The Casa Ricart has been built on a plot in the Historic Centre of the neighbourhood, and its volition is to strengthen the typological features of the traditional courtyard house constructions, still on a smaller scale, so that they become the fulcrum of the residence.

This house is shaped around two courtyards: the first, located in the transition between the living room and kitchen – dining area, is bathed in sunlight and contains an olive tree; the second, of a more private nature, is a protected courtyard with vegetation providing shade.

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