RiA_001_Heritage_House ( Competition 2013)

RiA_001_Heritage_House ( Competition 2013)

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Heritage House ( Competition 2013)

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Daun Penh district now is used to be French district in 1886 in French colonialism. So there are lot of French’s buildings in the district. After the French colonialism, now those great building became the heritage buildings.

For the 2013 architecture competition is about to design a new arts gallery next to the old police station. We see the whole district as a without wall museum and all the heritage buildings in it as the heritage objects or art works that have been exhibited in the museum. So we are about to design a new building as an art work, or building like a sculpture which has been shown in the museum too.

For the idea of new building shape is to complete the old building shape to become a new shape. It is like we design another part of old building. The new building facade that is opposite to the old building facade, we used the glass to copy the facade of the old building to new building facade. To protect the heat of sun in the morning, we chose the double glass which provide the natural light but not heat. At the end of the new building, we take to roof down to the land, because we want to connect the new building to the site and also the old one.

The open space in the middle of both buildings is just like the present now and connect the relationship between past and future. It can be use to be by design student who has won the public use competition the install their design work and show it the public people.

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