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RG House, in Querétaro, Mexico, is as much a house made for its garden as a garden for a house. 

The project is placed in an inner sanctum, protected by a curved, stone wall that emphasizes the intimacy of the garden. The plant variety, especially selected to thrive in Querétaro’s temperate climate, coexists with a constructed brook and pond along the house’s southern façade. With its comings and goings, the organic shapes of the landscape design meet the rectilinear gestures of the architecture. 

Placed in such a carefully designed environment, the house has no choice but to open itself to the views of the garden. As such, the main wing is arranged along a continuous window to the surroundings. Light and nature fill every space, both the public and service areas on the ground floor and the private rooms above. A single, unbroken hallway connects every space, from the kitchen on one end, to the library on the other. To further blur the line between indoors and outdoors, a continuous terrace extends the reach of the spaces inside, with floor-to-ceiling windows that can open completely in the summer. The highlight of the ground floor is the library, a two-story-tall space with equally tall bookshelves, emphasizing the house’s use of wood as a prevalent material.

Following the library’s ascent, the second story houses the private areas of the design, including the family’s sleeping quarters. Similar to the terrace along the length of the house on the ground floor, the rooms upstairs are connected by an uninterrupted balcony looking out onto the greenery, starting with the main bedroom on one end of the house. The children’s rooms, arranged along the same axis, enjoy an elevated loft each for added privacy. 

With its southward arrangement, a comfortable temperature is maintained all-year round, with enough overhang to protect from the summer rays, but also allow sunlight in during the winter. Air circulation further stabilizes the thermal sensation inside. 

Additional spaces outside the main wing include a guest house – sharing a view of the pool with the main house –, and a thatched outdoor seating area. Outside the curved protective wall, a separate storage room and garage are placed along the curved vehicular path. 

Stone, wood, and steel are featured as the project’s foundational materials, as a callback to traditional Mexican architecture and construction techniques. Precision in both their design and installation allow them shine in their most natural state. Low-E glass, installed all along the southern façade, helps manage the Sun’s rays and therefore the temperature indoors. As part of a holistic approach to sustainable design, solar panels provide energy for the house, along with responsible water management and passive systems to avoid compromising comfort. 

As a home in a privileged site, RG House opens itself to the environment, looking outward, while retaining a strong sense of spatial quality indoors. 

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