reTURN. Iosefin Water Tower

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Water towers are symbols of the industrial revolution, most of them representing constructions whose future is relatively uncertain due to economic and industrial changes. For technological, architectural and aesthetic reasons, most of them
they are classified as historical monuments, and in this context, their functional conversion has become essential and has two masin purposes: maintaining their architectural value and giving a function that brings it closer to the community.
The fact that the Iosefin Tower, built in 1913-1914, has retained its original metal equipment as well as its dominant vertical character in the area, with a strong medieval tower look, led us to propose a series of courageous interventions that take into account the specifics of the tower, emphasizes on its potential and capitalizes on its important architectural and technical elements. 


Starting from the initial main function of the tower, to ensure the supply and distribution of drinking water for the inhabitants, the proposed arrangements come
in addition: a panoramic outdoor elevator, with access to all interior levels, to increase accessibility and mobility of visitors, a green garden around the tower and a link with a square at street level, as well as a successive arrangement of interior spaces on the vertical: infopoint and shop, bookstore, exhibition spaces, multimedia projection room, Orizontul Apelor hall, auditorium, bistro-sky bar and terrace
belvedere. Also, the arrangement of public spaces at street level envisages a future pedestrianization of the area, mineral tiles alternating with concentrically arranged vegetation strips, street furniture, street lighting.

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